Series of seminars organized by MEDIA agency started in universities with the involvement of foreign experts (PHOTO)

A series of seminars which organized by the Media Development Agency (MEDIA) has been started with the involvement of foreign experts to create conditions for the active participation of young people in the field of media, to stimulate their creative and innovative potential, to increase their theoretical knowledge based on foreign experience and to realize their application in the local media, to implement the exchange of experience in this direction, reports.

The main purpose of the seminars is to attract foreign experts to students studying journalism at Azerbaijani universities to gain international media experience.

As part of the cooperation memorandum signed between the MEDIA Agency and "ADA" University, foreign experts were started to be involved in the teaching of the Communication and Digital Media specialty of the University in order to prepare specialists in the field of media within the framework of a series of seminars. Tatyana Ravalli, a graduate of the Universities of Udin and Milan, who specializes in strategic planning for the formation of a professional brand and works closely with business brands in Azerbaijan and Central Asia, will teach the relevant subjects of communication, marketing and public relations at the University with the support of the agency.

The Media Development Agency noted that it will continue the implementation of the project in the direction of gradual participation of students studying journalism at various universities in a series of seminars involving foreign experts.

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