Separatist Ruben Vardanyan flees from Karabakh to Russia

Ruben Vardanyan, the failed “state minister” of the illegal regime in Khankendi, has reportedly left for Moscow, News.Az reports citing Caliber.Az.

Vardanyan did not just leave “with his head held high,” but simply fled to Russia.

According to sources, he was transported to Armenia in one of the trucks of the Russian peacekeepers, which transported Russian uniforms for recycling.

Further, he was transferred to Moscow, from where he arrived in Karabakh earlier.

Thus, the "Vardanyan project" can be considered officially a failure - first of all, thanks to the iron will of the Azerbaijani people and personally the Supreme Commander-in-Chief.

If Vardanyan decides to return to Karabakh under another pretext (which is unlikely), then this will be regarded by Baku as a casus belli and the Azerbaijani army will take the corresponding measures.


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