Seoul claims North Korea ready to hold nuclear test at any time

The South Korean defense chief on Thursday claimed that North Korea has already completed its preparations and could hold a nuclear test any time, according to media reports. 

Briefing the Defense Committee of the National Assembly, Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup said Seoul is also bolstering its deterrence to Pyongyang's evolving nuclear and missile threats.

“(North Korea) has already completed preparations for what would be its seventh nuclear test, and is capable of carrying out a nuclear test at any time,” the Yonhap News Agency quoted Lee as saying.

Lee also briefed lawmakers on North Korea’s recent unveiling of the Hwasan-31 tactical nuclear warhead and the test of an underwater nuclear attack drone.

Last month, North Korea claimed that its military tested a new underwater nuclear weapon capable of creating a super-scale radioactive tsunami and said the drone could be operated from any coast or port.

Lee told the lawmakers that South Korea along with the US will respond to North Korea in case of a nuclear test, but did not explain his government’s strategy on the joint response.

Lee said that his military is monitoring the North's Punggye-ri nuclear test site for an expected nuclear test.

He also confirmed that trilateral talks between senior defense officials of South Korea, the US, and Japan will be held later this month.

The meeting is expected to discuss measures to counter evolving nuclear and missile threats, according to the agency.


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