Selcuk Bayraktar views preparatory work for TEKNOFEST Azerbaijan (PHOTO)

Selcuk Bayraktar, Chief Technology Officer of Turkish Baykar company and the architect of Turkiye's first indigenous and operational unmanned aerial vehicle Bayraktar TB2, viewed stands featuring startups as part of preparations for TEKNOFEST Azerbaijan, News.Az reports.

After touring the festival site, Bayraktar listened to the contestants and gave recommendations to investors to finance certain startups.

The TEKNOFEST Azerbaijan is due to take place in Baku from 26 to 29 May.

TEKNOFEST in Baku is held by the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport of Azerbaijan. At the same time, the TEKNOFEST production office operates in Baku. The full staff of the office consists of Azerbaijani specialists.

The goal is to popularize such areas as aviation, space industry and digital economy, to encourage entrepreneurship in these areas, to identify the knowledge and skills of young engineers through competitions organized within the framework of the festival, as well as to present national technologies to the general public.


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