Search conducted at Yerevan.Today website office

The law enforcement agencies of Armenia are conducting a search at the office of Yerevan.Today news website as well as at the house of its chief editor, since Monday morning.

The office of this website informed that the search is conducted on the grounds that, allegedly, the website had publicized the wiretapped recording of the telephonic conversation between the National Security Service director and the Special Investigation Service head two days earlier than the other media outlets, reports.

“But that’s not the case,” they stressed from the office. “Yerevan.Today publicized the recording of the conversation in the same hours as the rest of the Armenian media outlets.”

They added that the situation is the same at the office of Hraparak (Square) newspaper too.

The first to raise this matter was Haykakan Zhamanak (Armenian Times) newspaper, which had written that Yerevan.Today and Hraparak had publicized the well-known recording before the other media outlets. To note, the chief editor of Haykakan Zhamanak is Anna Hakobyan, the wife of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.


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