Samira Efendi releases “Mata Hari”, Azerbaijan’s Eurovision 2021 song (VIDEO)

It’s one of the last competing songs of Eurovision 2021 to be released — and one of the most anticipated. Azerbaijan’s Samira Efendi has released her song “Mata Hari”, telling the story of the seductive Dutch exotic dancer who was convicted for spying during World War I.

The song will not disappoint fans of Efendi’s Eurovision 2020 entry “Cleopatra”. In fact, the lyrics even throwback to the fan favourite, saying Mata Hari is “Just like Cleopatra”.

Efendi talked about the meaning of the song for her:

“It is very important to talk about strong women in order to remind our beautiful ladies that despite the fact that we still live in a world full of prejudices, a woman can do anything and female power cannot be compared with anything. And if suddenly you do not have enough inspiration now, let the stories of strong women in history become the source of that very charge of energy with which you can cope with everything and achieve even bigger success. There is a queen in each of us and I want to remind you that it’s time to release her.”

As well as being a contemporary dance track, “Mata Hari” also makes use of traditional instruments. The song features the sounds of the zurna, drum nagara, and the rhythms of the Azerbaijani folk dance yalli.

The song also includes a short chanted phrase in the Azeri language — the first time this has been heard in a Eurovision entry from Azerbaijan.


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