Russian, US diplomats to hold consultations on Putin-Biden summit

The Russian Foreign Ministry and the US Department of State, as well as presidential administrations, are expected to soon hold consultations on a Russia-US summit set to take place in Geneva on June 16, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Wednesday, TASS reports.

"Since a decision on the summit was finalized and formalized yesterday, I think that the diplomatic agencies and the [presidential] administrations will soon hold consultations to discuss logistics and issues related to the epidemiological situation," he pointed out. "This aspect is not clear yet, but undoubtedly, it is crucial to discuss them to make things work," he added.

When asked if those who did not have coronavirus antibodies and hadn’t been vaccinated yet would be allowed to attend the meeting, the Kremlin spokesman said: "There are experts, doctors and infectious disease specialists both here in Russia and the US. It is up to them to decide. The main goal is to ensure the safety of the heads of state."

In response to the question if the Kremlin planned to bring reporters to the meeting, Peskov said: "We don’t have any plans yet as we don’t have any details, they are yet to be agreed."

The Kremlin and the White House announced on Tuesday that Putin and Biden would meet in Geneva on June 16. According to the Russian presidential press service, they will discuss the prospects for Russia-US relations, strategic stability issues and pressing global issues, including the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and ways to resolve regional conflicts. This will be the first in-person meeting between Putin and Biden since the latter took office as US president. The visit to Geneva will also mark Putin’s first foreign trip since January 2020.


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