Russian TV channel shows Azerbaijan's liberated Fuzuli city is ‘completely destroyed’ (VIDEO)

Russia's Dozhd TV channel, within the ‘Zdes i Seychas’ project, showed what the Azerbaijani city of Fuzuli, liberated from the Armenian occupation, looks like now. 

Journalist Vladimir Romensky pointed to destroyed buildings everywhere, destroyed military equipment, ammunition abandoned by the Armenian military.

The reportage contains footage of the destroyed Haji Alakbar mosque, built in 1890, with only one wall remaining.

“This is followed by footage of the cemetery. Many stones here have been destroyed, and the gravestones have been broken,” said the reporter.

“A tombstone of Aghabala Abdullayev, a famous mugham performer, made in the form of a bust, lies on the ground. Vandals smashed the bust, carried it away from the grave. They fought with the dead,” said one interviewees in the footage.


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