Russian political scientist condemns Armenians’ barbarism in Azerbaijani lands

Seven districts adjacent to Azerbaijan’s Nagorno-Karabakh region were actually “burned out” by Armenians without a war, there was nothing even the slightest improvement, Russian political scientist Grigory Trofimchuk told

Trofimchuk accused the Armenians of turning paradise into pigsty.

For almost thirty years, the infrastructure of the Azerbaijani lands, located around Nagorno-Karabakh and temporarily uncontrolled Baku, practically did not fall into the field of view of the world community, the political scientist noted.

“Many observers formerly believed that some kind of urban and rural life was in full swing there. And now a lot is burned out, so that the Azerbaijani army entered the desert. The scorched earth policy is familiar to us from history, and such actions have almost always become the subject of investigation by special international tribunals. But if Nikol Pashinyan abandoned his wounded and dead soldiers on the battlefield, then what can we say about nature. It is also good that the Armenian prime minister did not give an order to poison the wells and rivers,” he said.

The political analyst also touched upon the Armenians’ wild attitude towards nature.

“The world has not seen such a wild attitude towards nature for a long time, taking into account the struggle for ecology throughout the Earth. Therefore, it would be extremely interesting for UN special missions and other environmental organizations to receive and documentary record information about what was happening in Azerbaijani territories in recent days - the burning of forests, houses, the destruction, tearing of all communications lines, as well as planting of mines,” Trofimchuk added.


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