Russian MFA: Moscow is ready to determine the places where the border line crosses between Armenia and Azerbaijan

The incident on Lachin road on June 15 is due to the general problems of lack of delimitation of the Azerbaijani-Armenian border, said the official representative of Russian MFA Mariya Zakharova at the briefing held today, reports.

According to her, Russia repeatedly called on the bilateral commission on the delimitation of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border to start work efficiently, in a fundamental way: “We are ready to determine the areas where the borderline crosses, including in that point… The accusations against the Russian peacekeeping forces are completely unfounded. We would insistently recommend to the media to lower the pressure of the rhetoric in this regard. Peacekeepers are closely working with the parties on the normalization of the situations and accurately perform tasks related to stabilization of the situation,” stressed a Russian MFA spokesperson.

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