Russian expert on Pashinyan's proposal to deploy Russian troops along the border with Azerbaijan: Armenia wants a human shield

Armenia has staged provocations against Azerbaijan on the border and now wants the Russian military to become a human shield.

Commenting on Armenian PM Nikol Pashinyan's statement on the need to deploy Russian troops along the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, Igor Korotchenko, editor-in-chief of the National Defense magazine, made the due remark in an interview with News.Az.

"But this is an absolutely provocative and unconstructive position. Armenia does not want delimitation and demarcation of the border, it needs armed provocations, it needs a human shield behind which they will cover themselves and would be able to provoke a conflict between the Azerbaijani and Russian militaries. These are Pashinyan's goals and objectives."

According to him, the Armenian leader is trying to deny the implementation of the statement of November 9-10, in particular, the unblocking of transport corridors in the region. In its turn, he added that Moscow's position and reaction to such a behavior of Yerevan are fully set forth in the above-mentioned trilateral statement.

"So here the positions of Russia and Azerbaijan are completely identical and coincide. They mean that Armenia must fulfill all its obligations under the trilateral statement, as well as under January 2021 statement. Let Pashinyan open the trilateral statement and read those commitments that have his signature. Armenia does not want to fulfill these obligations. Because there was a shock of military defeat. Now, this shock is gradually subsiding, and against this background, we see a sharp intensification of revanchism and armed provocations. In fact, they have been doing it for thirty years (occupation - ed.) and continue to do it today. Roughly speaking, there is a well-known Russian saying that only the grave will straighten out a hunchback..."


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