Russia, US agree on data exchange in regard to possible cyber security attacks

Russia and the United States have agreed to inform each other about any possible cyber security threat, Russia’s UN Ambassador Vasily Nebenzya told journalists, News.Az reports citing TASS. 

Nebenzya said speaking to journalists that "… we have, for example, dialogue on cybersecurity, an issue which was a tug of war, an issue and sort of omen for the US policy, including domestic policy."

"It has become a factor in the US. And back then, before [US President Joe] Biden came to the office, we offered many times a meaningful dialogue on cybersecurity," he continued.

"We were refused. Now we have restarted. We have that dialogue which we hold. We agreed, as far as I know, that we'll be informing each other of whatever incidents in cyberspace that are of concern to both sides.".


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