Russia records over 13 mln COVID-19 cases since onset of pandemic

Russia’s COVID-19 cases surged by 165,643 over the past day to 13,147,666, the anti-coronavirus crisis center stated on Tuesday, News.Az reports citing Reuters. 

In relative terms, the COVID-19 incidence increased by 1.3% in the past 24 hours.

Over the past day, some 20,185 COVID-19 patients were rushed to hospitals, which is 86.2% more than the previous day. The number of hospitalizations rose in 77 Russian regions and decreased in seven others, according to the crisis center. The situation remained unchanged in one region. The Omicron variant was registered in some 84 Russian regions.

Russia’s COVID-19 death toll climbed by 698 over the past day to 336,721.

A day earlier 609 COVID-19 deaths were registered.

The average mortality rate remained at 2.56%, according to the crisis center.

Russia’s COVID-19 recoveries rose by 81,188 over the past day, reaching 10,706,142. This is the highest rate since the start of the pandemic.

A day earlier, as many as 55,683 recoveries were confirmed.

The share of patients discharged from hospitals has dropped to 81.4% of the total number of those infected.


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