Report on Armenian mining industry's impact on Azerbaijan's ecology prepared

Armenia's mining industry, where environmental norms and standards are not observed today, causes serious damage to the environment. 

This was reflected in the "Report on Space Monitoring of Mining Fields in the Territory of the Republic of Armenia", prepared and presented by the NGO coalition "Environmental Protection First" in cooperation with AzerCosmos, News.Az reports. 

It was noted that there is a lot of negative information on this topic in the Armenian media. Despite the fact that the volume of investments in the mining industry of Armenia is growing, this process is accompanied by the deterioration of the environmental situation.

"The ongoing activities in the mining industry have an impact on the environmental condition of the countries in the region. The location of most of the mines near water sources leads to the discharge of chemical waste into rivers, which is considered harmful to the environment. About 70 percent of Azerbaijan's surface water resources are formed in neighboring countries through transboundary water flows. Since Armenia is geographically located in the basin of the rivers flowing through Azerbaijan, any mining activities carried out on its territory certainly have an impact on our ecology. Armenia, as a member of the Espoo Convention, should consult on any activity carried out on its territory and in many cases obtain Azerbaijan's consent," the report says.

It should be noted that the report includes the results of space monitoring of 26 ore deposits located on the territory of Armenia. The space monitoring works were carried out on the basis of SPOT 6 and Azersky (SPOT 7) satellite images taken in 2017 and 2023 respectively.


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