To save his own skin Pashinyan sends "cannon fodder" to the war - military expert

Pashinyan is in agony, he does not know what to take up to save his own skin and sends "cannon fodder" to the war, military expert Shair Ramaldanov told News.Az.

"This is evidenced by the fact that he called on the mayors of all cities in Armenia to immediately assemble volunteer groups and send them to battles in Karabakh. It is clear that his political career has already ended, but he does not understand it. And he is not afraid for soldiers who die in battles. He doesn't care about them; the main thing is to save his own skin."

The expert emphasized that Pashinyan's such steps could be regarded as a manifestation of another unprofessionalism.

"There are plans of mobilization, there is a lawful approach to this issue, and the announcement of mobilization. But, apparently, they are not able to do it, and for this reason, he appealed to the mayors. But we understand very well that these mayors have no authority in Armenia. And even if they can recruit groups of volunteers, how will it help, what will happen next? They are absolutely unprepared people, they are "cannon fodder". This is another step of unprofessionalism and, of course, a step of despair. All this will not save either the army or Pashinyan."

Ramaldanov is sure that these events have fully revealed Pashinyan's true face: "This man came to power on a completely different wave, with other statements and slogans on Karabakh conflict resolution, people believed him, and now Armenian mothers get their sons in zinc coffins."


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