Protester Adnan Huseyn interviewed ecologist during the protests: Illegal exploitation in Karabakh may result many environmental consequences (VIDEO)

The founder of Re-Azerbaijan, a participant in the peaceful protests of Azerbaijanis on the Lachin-Shusha road Adnan Huseyn interviewed an ecologist during the protests and published the video interview on his Twitter account. presents the interview:

It's been 10 days that we are here protesting the illegal exploitation of our natural resources. I have an ecologist next to me and I would like to ask a couple of questions.

Adnan: What are the damages? What are the effects that we're fearing of such illegal exploitation?

Ecologist: Illegal exploitation we see in Karabakh may result in many environmental consequences. For example, the destruction of greenery and fertile soil layers in large areas, pollution of area and groundwater is harmful substances, and many other environmental problems can occur. As ecologies, we need to be aware of what’s happening there. If monitoring is carried out there you can determine the state of the environment and damage cost

Adnan: And how fast or how late can these effects start showing themselves both on the environment and the health of people?

Ecologist: Actually, the result of the environmental problems that we have just mentioned can be felt both immediately and after a long years later. For example, we can see the killing of precious kinds of trees, and the destruction of soil layers instantly. But there are some kinds of problems that we need some years to notice the results, because nature is a combination of interacting systems, for example, toxic water seeping from the surface to the underground. The results of this water can be felt after a few decades.

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