Protection of public, state and national interests is Azerbaijan's supreme goal

When the public interest coincides with the state interest, the power and welfare of the people become high. A clear example of this is the 44-day. Azerbaijan’s state and population taking hand-in-hand waged Patriotic War against invaders and achieved victory and restored its territorial integrity. During the war society protected state interest and government protected public interests. That is public and state interests cannot be separated. The interests of the state are the public interest. The state is a system of government established by society. Public satisfaction is ensured if the measures taken by the state satisfy the people.

Today, in such a complex world order, Azerbaijan is a country with an independent political course and a free foreign policy. Domestic economic and political stability and development in the country, strengthening state-building, high level of protection of the principle of social justice prove the strength of foreign policy.

Azerbaijan also makes important contributions to regional and international cooperation and security. The policy pursued by Azerbaijan is based on the balance of national and human interests. That is why the model of a political solution to the problems of the Azerbaijani state opens prospects for mutually beneficial cooperation with all countries.

The region where Azerbaijan is located is geopolitically, strategically, and economically important on the political map of the world. In this regard, Azerbaijan pursues a balanced policy both in its neighborhood policy and in its relations with other countries in the region. It is based on maintaining the same distance with all countries, first of all, to promote the national interests of Azerbaijan.

The balance of power in foreign policy stems from the sensitivity of the region in which Azerbaijan is located. Today, Azerbaijan closely cooperates with the UN, the OSCE, the European Union, NATO, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), and the Council of Europe. Azerbaijan's integration into the European Union (EU) political, economic, and cultural spheres is also key. The goal is to ensure the well-being of the people, the inflow of foreign capital and investment, as well as new technologies into the country's economy. Establishing effective cooperation with the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization is also a key priority.

Protection of public, state, and national interests is the supreme goal of every state. Every country that can successfully protect these interests has a stable statehood. The concept of national statehood is not new for the Azerbaijani people. Its people have been very powerful for thousands of years. Today, Azerbaijan's ability to maintain its strong existence is the embodiment of the importance we attach to national and state values and our protection.

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The article focuses on the topic of the protection of public and state interests.

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