Prosecutor General’s office issues statement highlighting latest situation on front

“Since September 27, continuing its provocative actions the military-political leadership of the aggressor Armenia has violated its commitments under the Geneva Conventions, firing from heavy weapons at densely populated areas, as well as committing various crimes against the civilian population.

So far, several soldiers of the Azerbaijani Army have become martyrs, and some servicemen have received various injuries,” a statement by Azerbaijani Prosecutor General’s office said.

“Based on the materials collected in connection with the incidents, criminal proceedings have been instituted by Fuzuli, Tartar, Karabakh and Ganja Military Prosecutor's Offices under Article 100.1 (planning, preparation or initiation of aggressive war), Article 116.0.7 (attack on unprotected territories, settlements and zones of disarmament), Article 116.0.8 (non-military attack on clearly visible and identifiable religious, educational, scientific, charitable, medical facilities, and the places where the sick and wounded are placed), Article 120.2.12 (deliberate murder on motive of national, racial, religious hatred or enmity). Urgent investigative actions are being carried out by the established investigation groups.

At present, all possible investigative measures are being carried out by the prosecution authorities. Appropriate examinations to determine the severity of bodily injuries, as well as to estimate the amount of damage inflicted to civilian infrastructure are appointed.

The Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Azerbaijan is taking all necessary steps to ensure that servicemen of the Armenian armed forces who have committed various crimes are prosecuted and punished within the frames of international law.

Mass media, as well as social media users are asked not to share unofficial and unspecified information.

The public will be regularly updated with the latest information,” the statement added.


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