Azerbaijanism ideology serves development of free, civil society and creation of a strong state

The ideology of Azerbaijanism is an ideology of the Azerbaijani people who chose independence of Azerbaijan and fight for construction in this country of the civil democratic state founded on the secular principles as its strategic objective. 

On the basis of this ideology stand the idea of equality of the national, ethnic, religious, and social rights of all peoples considering Azerbaijan as their homeland.

Azerbaijanism as the national state ideology is the system of values relying on the bases of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, serving the independence of Azerbaijan, ensuring its development and national security as a legal and democratic state.

This ideology formulated at the end of the XIX and early XX century has passed the way of sustainable development during a century.

Transformation of Azerbaijanism into the ideology of consolidation of the Azerbaijanis of the whole world, ideological basis of the independent Azerbaijani state is historical merit of the national leader of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev.

The idea of Azerbaijanism uniting the multinational people of Azerbaijan serves to preserve independence, to the democratic development and creation of the constitutional, social state.

The Azerbaijanism ideology reflects common interests of the common multiethnic nation in the construction of the Azerbaijani statehood, the purpose of fighting for development of democracy and free economy, improvement of social living conditions.

The ideology of Azerbaijanism with its wide scope also pursues specific purposes. This ideology serves the development of a free, civil society and the creation of a strong state in Azerbaijan.

Today, the concept of Azerbaijanism constitutes an ideological basis for the development of society. President Ilham Aliyev, characterizing the ideology of Azerbaijanism as an ideological basis of our statehood, has stated: “For centuries, we, as a nation and people, were preserved and protected by our values. Today, very much attention is paid to this question. Today, in the globalized world that faces difficulties, our national values constitute a statehood basis. Our statehood is based on strong ideological bases. The idea of Azerbaijanism is our main ideological support”.

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The article focuses on the topic of promotion of the Azerbaijanism ideology.

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