President submits bill on humanization of criminal legislation to parliament

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has submitted to the Parliament a bill on humanization of criminal legislation.

The bill provides for decriminalization of over 10 criminal actions in the Criminal Code. Among these actions are mostly crimes that do not pose a significant public threat or are committed out of negligence, reported. 

In addition, given the socio-economic processes ongoing in the country, the bill envisages a five-fold increase (from AZN 100 to AZN 500) in the amounts of fine imposed for crimes against property. As a result, a number of acts will shift from the category of crime to the category of administrative offence.

In order to reduce the application of imprisonment and introduce alternative penalties instead of sanctions, a new type of penalty has been introduced to the Criminal Code. That is surveillance on residence without isolation from society. In more than 140 articles of the Criminal Code, restriction of freedom has introduced to sanctions as an alternative form of penalty.

The bill also envisages liberalizing the legislation in respect of a number of crimes committed against property and in the field of economic activity, as well as changing the attitude towards those charged with acquisition and possession of drugs and drug substances. 


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