President of Azerbaijan: Winning a war was a mission of my life, of my political life

“Winning a war was a mission of my life, of my political life, which ended successfully,” said President Ilham Aliyev as he was interviewed by Euronews TV channel, News.Az reports. 

Saying that the war was won despite political factors, long-lasting infrastructure projects, defense lines full of mines, the head of state pointed out:

“The Victory Road, as I called it later, did not exist. It was the road through which our military servicemen were moving towards Shusha. They were climbing these rocky mountains. So, despite these factors, despite strong political support from many countries, which have a big Armenian diaspora, we did what was right to do. We restored justice, and we restored our territorial integrity. We fought on our land. We didn't fight on the Armenian land and we won. So, that was a mission number one, which is over. Now we talk about peace.”


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