President of Azerbaijan: European Union is our main trading partner

“We have very good contacts and the President of the European Council and President of the European Commission both visited Azerbaijan. With respect to the European Council and the European Commission, as you said, we have very good contacts. The European Union is our main trading partner. it’s almost 50% or close to that of our trade with European Union,” said President Ilham Aliyev as he addressed the Forum titled "Karabakh: Back Home After 30 Years. Accomplishments and Challenges" co-organized by ADA University and the Center of Analysis of International Relations.

“With nine members of the European Union, Azerbaijan signed or adopted declarations on strategic partnership. So, this is 1/3 of the member states. This really demonstrates that our cooperation on national level and on the level of institutional contacts is very good. With respect to efforts of President of the European Council Charles Michel, Azerbaijan and me personally always supported his efforts in finding long-lasting solution to the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. And there have been several meetings organized by him in Brussels. We are now in the process of discussions about a potential new meeting,” the head of state noted. 

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