President: North-South route is a global project that is moving successfully

“We invested largely in the railroad infrastructure, not only in Azerbaijan but also in the neighborhood. And now, we have allocated additional investments to expand the capacity of this railroad from Baku to the western destination. And we did all the necessary other projects, like highways and airports,” said President Ilham Aliyev in his interview with China's CGTN TV channel, reports.

“So, Azerbaijan, a country that does not have open access to the ocean, became an international logistical and transportation center. So, the "Belt and Road" Initiative also activated transportation through different routes, particularly north-south. And now we'll also talk about the Northwest. So, it's really a global project that is moving successfully, and all the countries on route already see the benefits. Of course, it depends on the strategies of the countries and how they treat the transportation projects. For us, it was one of the main factors in our efforts to diversify our economy and reduce our dependence on oil and gas revenues,” the head of state noted.

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