President Ilham Aliyev’s invitation to Arab League Summit is manifestation of his growing reputation on global scale: MP

The invitation of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev to the Arab League Summit as an honorary guest is a manifestation of his growing reputation on a global scale, Javid Osmanov, a member of Azerbaijan’s Milli Majlis, told News.Az.

“President Ilham Aliyev’s invitation to the Arab League Summit hosted by Algeria is also a sign of great respect for him. Along with the heads of the member states, only President Ilham Aliyev, the UN Secretary-General, the OIC Secretary General and the President of Senegal were invited to the summit,” he said.

The Azerbaijani lawmaker also spoke about the acts of genocide and war crimes committed by France in Algeria.

“The Algerian people have long experienced difficult years due to France’s colonial policy. The French colonial rule over Algeria lasted more than a century, therefore, Algeria is sometimes called the country of 1.5 million martyrs. During the French colonial period, Algeria’s natural resources were looted, and an unprecedented act of vandalism was committed against the Algerian people. In total, about 10 million Algerians are said to be victims of the French colonial period,” he said.

MP Osmanov recalled that on October 17, 1961, the peaceful Algerians were killed by French police during a protest rally in Paris, and dozens of bodies were thrown into the River Seine.

He stressed that France has not yet apologized to Algeria for its acts of genocide and war crimes. The lawmaker added that France also continues to prevent a working group of historians to review the documents on the acts of genocide committed in Algeria, which are currently stored in French archives. 

The MP also pointed to a similarity between France’s acts of genocide and war crimes against Algeria and Armenia’s acts of genocide and war crimes against Azerbaijan. 

“France and Armenia committed acts of genocide and war crimes based on the same scenario. ”France also planted over millions of landmines in Algeria, and Armenia laid more than a million landmines in the previously occupied Azerbaijani territories,” he added. 

MP Osmanov stated that France, which has not yet given autonomy to Algeria, calls for the provision of a territorial claim by several thousand Armenians in Azerbaijan’s Karabakh region.


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