President Aliyev: TEKNOFEST is another demonstration of Turkiye-Azerbaijan unity

“Our history is bright, and we were together in the most important moments of our history. I remember that in a military parade dedicated to the liberation of Baku from Armenian occupation, Turkish and Azerbaijani soldiers stood shoulder to shoulder on Azadlig Square. We saw a repetition of this in the 2021 Victory Parade. After our historic victory, my dear brother and I hosted a military parade of the Turkish and Azerbaijani armies in Azadlig Square again. It was a celebration of our unity. It was a clear message to the whole world that we are together, that we will be together, and our strength will grow day by day,” said President Ilham Aliyev in his speech at the TEKNOFEST Azerbaijan festival in Baku.

“Dear President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was in Shusha on 15 June last year, on National Salvation Day. This was a very significant event. 15 June is a holiday too. 28 May is also a holiday. We celebrated these holidays together and by signing the historic Shusha Declaration, Turkiye and Azerbaijan officially rose to the level of an alliance. This alliance manifests itself everywhere – in politics, economic relations, energy, transport projects, culture, education, army building. Today, TEKNOFEST is another demonstration of our unity, its manifestation,” the head of state added.


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