President Aliyev: Hadrut liberation was possible due to a very successful military operation

The liberation of Hadrut was possible due to a very successful military operation, Azerbaijani President, Victorious Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev said in his speech after raising the state flag in Hadrut settlement

“First, the surrounding heights were taken. After the heights around Hadrut were taken over by the Azerbaijani Army, control over it passed to the Azerbaijani Army and the liberation of Hadrut settlement was already inevitable,” the head of state said.

President Aliyev emphasized that during the 44-day war as a whole, the losses among Armenian civilians were quite small because the Azerbaijani Army has never waged a war against the civilian population.

“Unlike the Armenians, during the war we fought only against military units, defeated them and drove them out of our lands. As for the civilian population, according to Armenian statistics, about 40 civilians were killed during the war. The vast majority of them were civilians involved in military operations,” he added.

The Azerbaijani leader noted that the liberation of Hadrut settlement was a very important operation. “The liberation of Hadrut after Jabrayil district and the city of Jabrayil was an event of special importance for the continuation of our military operations,” he said.


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