President Aliyev: Azerbaijan has very strong technical capacity and human resources

“The “Gobu” Energy Junction is one of the largest energy facilities built in Azerbaijan in recent years, President Ilham Aliyev told AZERTAC.

“If we take into account that the “Yashma” substation was launched at the beginning of the week, everyone can see how much work has been done in the field of energy in Azerbaijan in just one week. Of course, the construction of these huge energy facilities took time. However, the construction of such huge energy facilities in the shortest possible time shows how strong our potential is,” the head of state said.

President Aliyev also hailed the importance of “Yashma” substation and “Gobu” Energy Junction.

“The commissioning of a large substation in Yashma at the beginning of the week will serve energy sustainability. The 750-megawatt substation will, of course, play an important part in our energy system. The opening of the 385-megawatt “Gobu” Power Plant today will greatly increase our generation capacity, of course. A 1,000-megawatt substation was built near this station in just one year. I should also say that only Azerbaijani companies, Azerbaijani specialists and workers took part in the implementation of these large-scale projects. In other words, it shows that we have a very strong technical capacity and human resources,” he added.


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