Preparation for the new academic year is now easier with Azercell’s digital solutions

The company offers affordable terms of use for Busuu and Bookmate applications

Azercell is pleased to launch the “Back to School" campaign on the occasion of the beginning of the new academic year. According to the terms of the campaign, Azercell subscribers will be able to use the popular language learning application Busuu and e-library service Bookmate on more favorable terms. One of the major advantages of the campaign is the opportunity for book lovers and language learners to benefit from the applications for free in the first week of subscription.

At a time when libraries are closed amid the pandemic and the risk of infection in public places is high, Bookmate is the ideal tool to meet your demand for books. With over two million books available, every user can find a sample of literature to suit their taste - business, non-fiction, detective stories, or children's books.

You can read and listen to books on Bookmate, even offline, no matter where you are and what device you use, which is one of the advantages of the application. In addition, the "Goals of the Year" feature is active in the application for users who like to plan how many books they will read in a certain period. This feature will encourage users to read more books and compete with their friends.

The application offers a choice of literature in Azerbaijani, Russian, English, and 13 other languages. Join the Bookmate community and share your thoughts with over 1 million subscribers.

Also, it should be noted that you will pay only 3.50 AZN per month instead of 7.99 AZN if you get registered with the application as an Azercell subscriber. So do not miss a chance to create your mobile library with a rich book catalog that is constantly updated. Join the Bookmate now by dialing *500# YES for a weekly subscription and *533# YES for a monthly subscription. Read and listen to your favorite books. Subscription for the service is available through various platforms - Azercell's official website, "Kabinetim" and mobile applications "ABB Mobile" and "Umico”.

The distinguishing feature of the Busuu program – the second service offered - with millions of subscribers now, is the opportunity to learn a foreign language in real-time. The application assesses each user's language proficiency through a test before lessons. Based on the results of the test, an individual training plan and lesson schedule are developed for subscribers. Busuu users are also allowed to learn English at levels A1, A2, B1, B2 and choose direction – for business, general-purpose, or travel. The exercises done by subscribers are checked and evaluated at the end of each lesson.

In the "Community" section of the Busuu app, you can communicate with native speakers with common interests and get answers to your questions. One of the important points is that the application also grants an international “McGraw-Hill” certificate confirming the level of language proficiency to the graduates of the course.

Subscribe to the Busuu app through App Store and Play Market by paying only 3 AZN instead of 20 AZN per month and get the opportunity to learn the 12 most spoken languages of the world (English, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish and Arabic) easily. To join the service, dial *969# YES, choose your study plan, advance your language skills and track your progress.

Azercell invites its subscribers preparing for the new academic year to take advantage of these opportunities and wishes success to everyone.


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