Political scientist: President Aliyev’s speech showed what threat Armenia’s position poses

When the majority of the EaP countries face a threat to territorial integrity, when all, both EaP countries and the European partners themselves, unequivocally support Azerbaijan's territorial integrity, such ridiculous arguments of the Armenian side surprise and outrage at the same time, political analyst Ilgar Valizade told News.Az.

He was commenting on the speech of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev at the Eastern Partnership summit, during which the head of state once again called for an end to Armenian aggression in the region.

He stressed that it is deeply disturbing that Armenia is a country that does not support the basic principles of international law, in particular the Eastern Partnership itself, but is still trying to put forward its absolutely groundless arguments, defending a deliberately doomed position.

"Yet the debates between Ilham Aliyev and Nikol Pashinyan during the Munich conference showed how damaging and losing Armenia's position on the Nagorno-Karabakh issue is. It does not meet not only the norms of international law, it does not meet common sense. But the lesson of Munich was not learned for Pashinyan. And our President had to repeat this history lesson for Pashinyan already at the Eastern Partnership summit. He had to show not only Pashinyan himself but also other countries, particularly European ones, how harmful Armenia's position is, how much this position poses a threat in the South Caucasus. As, in fact, Armenia has occupied territories of Azerbaijan and protects its position as an occupant country".

The political scientist also noted that the report adopted by the European Parliament condemning the illegal economic activity of Armenians in the occupied lands of Azerbaijan should have been a signal for Armenia.

"The essence of Armenian diplomacy is that it does not learn lessons, but making the same mistakes. And President Aliyev once again eloquently told everyone about it. President Aliyev's speech aroused respect for Azerbaijan and its position on the part of the international community.  And Pashinyan exposed himself and his country in an unpleasant way. It showed once again who is who in Karabakh conflict".

According to I. Velizadeh, the position of the Azerbaijani side on this issue is the only correct: "Thus, all actions in the direction of the liberation of Nagorno-Karabakh from Armenian occupation are the only correct and possible, based on the norms of international law, the principles of the European communal life and the basic principles of European policy."


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