Political expert: Russia should be ready for Yerevan to completely turn its back on Moscow in an instant

Prime Minister Pashinyan continues to be a hypocrite in relations with his main strategic partner - Russia.

Russian political analyst Yevgeny Mikhailov expressed the due opinion in a conversation with News.Az while commenting on the next wave of dismissals of "pro-Russian" employees in Armenian state structures.

Mikhailov noted that Pashinyan, declaring his friendship with Moscow, is tacitly indulging in pressure on those employees of the National Security Service who have any ties with Russia, in particular, received a Russian education.

"By doing so, he cleans the area from those who know Russian culture and mentality and are capable of making decisions different from those subordinates of the regime who are absolutely Russophobic. I am not surprised by anything. Russia needs to be prepared for the fact that in an instant, Pashinyan's regime can turn completely away from the national interests of Moscow in favor of third countries and the main thing is not to miss this moment, and ideally not to let it happen," he said.

According to the expert, Russia unambiguously notes the changing situation in Yerevan and takes countermeasures: "It is obvious that Moscow will not allow the country, which has been dependent on Russia for hundreds of years, to leave its landmarks. How this will happen, we are unlikely to know completely, but I have no doubt that this will definitely happen. Does anyone really think that Pashinyan will outplay Moscow?"


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