Political expert: Armenia has strategically miscalculated

The provocation of Armenia in the Tovuz section of the state border with Azerbaijan is a very explosive move, primarily for Armenia itself. Because it has very little opportunity to confront Azerbaijan. The Tovuz events have shown how our firepower exceeds their military capabilities.

The due opinion was expressed by Azerbaijani political scientist Tofig Abbasov in a conversation with News.Az.

"The Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan is going through such a battle, after which he will not only be swept away and removed from power, but also put behind a cage. He naively believed that with this provocation the world community could rise against Azerbaijan and achieve its intermediate and basic goals. But they did not succeed in doing so. Many countries and international organizations supported Azerbaijan's position, made it clear that Armenia was provoking the Azerbaijani army to the conflict. I think this is actually the main lesson for Armenians".

According to Abbasov, the lessons drawn from the battles of 2016 made Armenians understand that they will not be able to take the same risk in Karabakh and provoke Azerbaijan to the conflict without heavy consequences.  

"Armenia has strategically miscalculated. It has no chances in the confrontation with Azerbaijan. Soon we will see how short-sighted, destructive and decadent the position it took, and that it’s time for Armenia not only to change its style of behavior in the region, but also to think about how not to lose the remnants of the trust that it had previously appealed to and not finally turn from the subject of international law to its object,” he concluded.


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