Political analyst on the statement of MEPs: This is an absolutely unnecessary initiative, a 'disservice'

The current activity of European parliamentarians, who have an informal interest in the current state of relations, is primarily due to the fact that they are taking the issue from the wrong end. They should know, first of all, that for the purposes of the post-war settlement, the trilateral statement is the point of reference and their fulfillment is fundamental and guarantees the coexistence of the two communities.

Political analyst Tofig Abbasov expressed the due opinion in a conversation with News.Az while commenting on the joint statement of Members of the European Parliament (EP), the Chairman of the Delegation to the Parliamentary Partnership Committees of the European Union (EU) and the South Caucasus countries Marina Kaljurand, EP Standing Rapporteur for Armenia Andrey Kovachev, and EP Standing Rapporteur for Azerbaijan Elena Zovko about the necessity to continue negotiations on the solution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

Of course, the provisions of the trilateral statement are also a kind of regulator for further steps and in terms of actions and statements of other parties, in particular European partners, they should be careful in those issues.

"They need not harm the overall process, especially not to stimulate the tendencies which can again lead to an escalation. In Armenia, as we can see, there is again a very fierce struggle for power, and those who have lost it have begun to destabilize the situation. Therefore, if European or any other players want to show high participation with a positive coefficient of action, they should take into account the peculiarities of the situation and urge Armenia not to get carried away again with new provocative actions. The Azerbaijani side strictly controls the situation and knows how to act in any kind of situation, so any unwanted involvement can create new problems. This is an absolutely unnecessary initiative, a disservice," he concluded.


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