Polish farmers block major highway in protest against EU regulations

Farmers in Poland on Sunday blocked a major highway leading to Germany in the latest protest against EU regulations and taxes. 

The blocking of the A2 motorway near Slubice could become a more permanent fixture as Polish farmers refuse to back down, News.Az reports citing Euronews. 

The blockade began at 1:00 pm on Sunday and impacted both sides of the A2 motorway, according to local police.

The farmers have planned a 25-day blockade, which could be reduced following talks with local representatives and businesses.

Polish farmers are targeting the EU's Green Deal, which calls for limits on the use of chemicals and greenhouse gas emissions. They are arguing that the deal makes their products more expensive and therefore vulnerable to losing out to non-EU imports. They maintain they have been additionally hit by increased taxes.

The farmers have also blocked border points with neighbouring Ukraine to show their objection to what they see as unfair competition from the non-EU state's cheaper products.

Farmers have been demonstrating across Europe for several weeks over environmental requirements in both the upcoming Green Deal and the European Union's Common Agricultural Policy. The EU has eased restrictions in response to pressure from the protests.

EU agricultural ministers are set to meet today in Brussels.



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