Polish cyclist makes 4500 kilometers to arrive in Azerbaijan

Cyclist from Poland Maciej Wdowski has arrived in Azerbaijan on his tour around the world.

"My name is Maciej and I made 4500 kilometers to come to your beautiful country on my bicycle from Poland," he told News.Az.

He entered Azerbaijan yesterday and headed to Baku (through Zagatala-Qakh-Shaki-Gabala-Shamakhi).

"I had to wait a bit but a border control was NORMAL - not like in Reni on Ukraine. I've passed many people who shouted 'Hello!' or 'Welcome to Azerbaijan!'. Nice," Maciej writes on his Facebook page.

The cyclist plans to visit 5 continents, cross 50-51 countries making 50000 kilometers and get back home in 2.5-3 years. 

"I travel alone and people are much more friendly, helpful and open when they know who you are," he said.


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