Peace agreement can be achieved in nearest future: Azerbaijani President

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev spoke about signing of a peace agreement between Azerbaijan and Armenia in an interview to the China Media Group media corporation, News.Az reports. 

“I think it can be achieved in the nearest future. Why I think so, because Armenia already had to make a very important statement that, they not only recognize territorial integrity of Azerbaijan - which they officially confirmed last October and reconfirmed many times - but also this May they specified, because we demanded to specify that they recognize Karabakh as part of Azerbaijan. They recognize Azerbaijan`s territorial integrity on the territory of 86,600 square kilometres, which means Karabakh and eight Azerbaijani enclaves on Armenian territory included. So, this actually is the important statement. And after that the only thing which is left just to put it on paper and to sign it,” the President noted.


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