Passengers to be fined for not fixing their safety belts in Azerbaijan

Main department of the State Police Office of Azerbaijan has clarified the issue of fines for unbuckled safety belts.

According to police colonel Kamran Aliyev, this issue is regulated by the law:

"No matter whether the citizen is on the front or the back seat, he must use the safety belt if there are safety belts in the car. This refers both to the driver and the passengers. The driver is responsible for not fixing his belt, just like the passenger. There is nothing new about it.

"Simply all analyses and researches show that it is passengers who suffer more during car accidents - they either get injured or die. In most cases the back part of the car is not so damaged, but the passenger dies. Why? Because during the accident, the passenger bumps. If the passenger sitting on the back does not have his safety belt fixed, the end is tragic."

Aliyev said passengers were not fined for unbuckled belts earlier, which is mostly associated with the mentality:

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