Pashinyan is unable to offer the Armenian citizens an alternative to improve their living standards - Markov

Holding protests in Armenia, demanding the government to reach an agreement with Moscow to allow the citizens of the country to enter the territory of Russia, is related to the economic situation in Armenia itself, Russian political scientist Sergey Markov told News.Az.

"This is primarily due to the economic crisis in Armenia, which is directly related to the economic blockade of Armenia due to the unresolved Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. And Armenian citizens should go somewhere to earn money in this situation. Accordingly, they demand from the authorities to reach an agreement with Russia in this direction. But the Russian authorities are very cautious about this issue and our air service is open with very few countries. Russia is unlikely to open the borders for the citizens of Armenia yet," he said.

The expert also noted that Nikol Pashinyan in this situation is unable to offer the citizens of his country anything to improve their living standards: "He would be happy if he could promise them an alternative. But he can't do it. He can't do anything about the economy." 

It should be noted that for several days in a row Armenian citizens have been protesting in front of the parliament and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs demanding "to let them go to Russia".


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