Participants of NAM Baku Conference will secure protection of common interests on global scale - official

Participants of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Conference on the topic “Advancing the Rights and Empowerment of Women” will be able to secure the protection of common interests on a global scale, Chairperson of the Azerbaijani State Committee for Family, Women and Children Affairs Bahar Muradova said during her speech at the event.

"Today, at this grand conference, the groundwork is being laid for an initiative that will bring us together around ideas and activities for the protection, promotion, and expansion of women's rights." This allows us to "explore best practices in the more reliable protection of human rights, commitment to the ideals of justice and humanism, and international defense of our common interests," she said.

Muradova further stated that, at a time when the entire community was struggling with the extraordinary challenge of the COVID-19 epidemic, the NAM, led by Azerbaijan, played a critical role in uniting global efforts.

She also emphasized that the online NAM Summit in May 2020 and the subsequent special session of the UN General Assembly on this issue in December are vivid examples of this.

"In addition to these events, I would like to proudly highlight that recently established NAM institutions, such as the Parliamentary Network and the Youth Organization, are making a significant contribution to multilateral cooperation," the official said. "It has been several months since, in July 2023, during the meeting of the Coordinating Bureau, President Ilham Aliyev announced the work on establishing the Women's Platform of the Non-Aligned Movement."

"Now, Azerbaijan, as the chair, is taking practical steps along with other member countries to activate the NAM in the field of women's rights," she added.



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