Number of mosques in Azerbaijan made public

Religious courses were registered at 161 adresses from beginning of this year.

According to Oxu.Az, this was stated at a meeting of the board of the State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations which was devoted to the results of six months of the current year and forthcoming tasks.

With the exception of nine of them, all the rest are the courses on reading the Koran organized in mosques. In general, there are 204 courses in the republic, of which 160 are for boys and 64 are for girls.

The meeting also noted that currently there are 2,246 mosques in Azerbaijan, 210 of which are in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

Religious communities of 727 mosques were registered in the State Committee.

It was noted that in January-June of this year the process of state registration of religious structures was continued, and their total number reached 767, including 10 Islamic colleges registered in the State Committee.

Among the past registration of religious structures 739 are Islamic, 28 are non-Islamic.

Among the last 17 are Christian, eight - Jewish, two - Baha'i and one Krishna.


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