No one should participate in the manipulations of the forces trying to denigrate Azerbaijan  - political scientist

"Human rights advocate Ewelina U. Ochab distorts the truth in her article in Forbes," political scientist Tural Ismayilov told

Mr. Ismayilov emphasized that a well-known and prospective media platform like Forbes should not publish articles written by people such as Ewelina U. Ochab and others who don’t know the real situation regarding Azerbaijan-Armenia relations, without conducting accurate research: “Publishing such kind of articles is biased approach.”

“It is a great pity that Azerbaijan's lands have been under occupation for 30 years, and the Ganja, Barda, and Tartar massacres committed by Armenia in 2020, including the Khojaly genocide, have not been assessed until today. This fact shows that “nonsence” such as Ochab and Forbes talk of democracy but publish biased materials that do not reflect reality. However, Azerbaijan's peaceful position should be highlighted on such media platforms,” the political scientist stated.

Mr. Ismayilov emphasized that despite the hand of reconciliation that Azerbaijan extended to Armenia, one should not participate in the manipulation attempts of the forces attacking Azerbaijan: “Unfortunately, some congressmen, media representatives, NGO representatives who are under the influence of the Armenian lobby abroad publish material far from objectivity. This further damages Azerbaijan-Armenia relations.”

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