New Omicron cases keep rising in Azerbaijan

Infections with the Omicron strain of COVID-19 continue to increase in Azerbaijan, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the State Agency for Compulsory Health Insurance, and the Azerbaijani Management Union of Medical Territorial Units (TABIB) said in a joint statement.

"In Azerbaijan, the quarantine period of people infected with COVID-19 and those who were in close contact with them has been reduced from 14 to 7 days. Considering the change in the quarantine period, today the number of cured persons is 5,197," said the statement.

"Some 11,525 tests for COVID-19 have been carried out in Azerbaijan over the past day, 2,468 new cases of coronavirus infection have been detected, and 13 patients have died. Observations show that the number of people infected with the new strain of coronavirus continues to grow. Despite a sharp increase in the number of infections, the average daily rate of hospitalization of people who test positive remains stable, as the vaccinated endure the disease easily in cases of infection," the statement said.

The statement also notes the need for a booster dose of the vaccine to protect against a new strain of COVID-19.


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