Nearly 45,000 coronavirus cases across Africa

Some 390 more coronavirus cases have been registered across Africa in the past 24 hours, the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) said Tuesday morning, bringing the tally to 44,873 and counting, Anadolu Agency reported.

Death toll in the continent showed an increase of six in the said period, now standing at 1,807, while the number of people recovered has risen to 15,179.

The worst affected in terms of COVID-19 cases is South Africa with 6,800 while Egypt has recorded 6,500. In terms of death toll, however, Egypt’s figure is 429, far higher than South Africa’s 131.

North Africa has 17,000 infections, West 12,000, Southern 7,300, East 4,600 and Central Africa 4,000.

In the West, Nigeria has the highest death toll of 87, followed by Burkina Faso 45, Niger 36 and Mali 29.

In East Africa, Sudan recorded the highest death toll of 41, Somalia 32, Kenya 24 and Tanzania 16. In terms of cases, meanwhile, the tiny state of Djibouti is the worst-hit with the figure standing at 1,100.

Cameroon has the most cases -- 2,100 -- in Central Africa, DRC 684, Gabon 335 and Equatorial Guinea 315.


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