MP: Posting comments on social networks should require ID card registration

"It is not right to earn points by delivering hasty information to the public."

Information security is an important issue, and we should tighten the draft law a bit in this regard, Deputy Executive Secretary of New Azerbaijan Party, MP Siyavush Novruzov said on March 10 at the parliament during the discussion of the amendment to the law “Information, informatization and protection of information”, APA reports.

He said that several European countries rank the top for the number of suicides in the world. Though the number of suicides is less in Azerbaijan, the information is exaggerated. “Didn’t any suicides or car accidents occur in Soviet times? Websites turn a blind eye to more important issue, but highlight such issues for the sake of popularity. In this way, they encourage others to do so. All out television channels present the chronicle of crimes. It is not right to earn points by delivering hasty information to the public. Such information has negative effects on some people”, said Novruzov.
Novruzov noted that it is necessary to require registration with ID cards for posting comments on social networks. “Internet is free in our country. People are insulting anyone they want and don’t understand that everyone is reading it. They are posting any opinion with fake accounts. In this case, the owner of the web portal should be brought to justice or registration with ID cards should be required. Any portal is created abroad disseminating articles about the Azerbaijani army and soldiers. These articles are shared by others. Then, that person deletes this news. It turns out that they are those feeding the country. This information affects the society,” he added. 



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