MP: Celebration of centennial of Baku’s liberation proves Azerbaijan-Turkey brotherhood

Solemn celebration of the 100th anniversary of the liberation of Baku from the Bolshevik-Dashnak occupation is very important, Tahir Rzayev, an Azerbaijani MP, told Trend Sept. 17.

The MP noted that Sept. 15 is a special page in the history of Azerbaijan.

“This is also a vivid proof of the brotherhood of Azerbaijan and Turkey,” he added. “This date proves once again that the Azerbaijani-Turkish brotherhood rests on historical roots. Both Azerbaijan and Turkey historically were always attacked. Azerbaijan and Turkey were always close to each other, so in 1918, it was namely Turkey that came to Baku’s aid.”

Rzayev said that Sept. 15 is a very significant date for both Azerbaijan and Turkey.

“Having held a big parade in Baku, we declare to the whole world that Azerbaijan and Turkey are everywhere and always beside each other,” he noted. “The presidents of Azerbaijan and Turkey speak from the same position all over the world. The two countries share common interests. The brotherhood of Azerbaijan and Turkey should also be an example for other Turkic-speaking states and peoples.”

On Sept. 15, Azerbaijan marked the centenary of Baku’s liberation from the Bolshevik-Dashnak occupation and a solemn parade marking this event was held at the Azadliq Square.

On this day in 1918, the Islamic Army of the Caucasus, which included the Azerbaijani corps, entered Baku, liberating the city from the Bolshevik-Dashnak occupation.

The liberation of Baku is an event of exceptional importance for the Azerbaijani-Turkish friendship and brotherhood.

Despite that during 70 years of the Soviet rule, this event was purposefully explained in an erroneous context, the Azerbaijani people never forgot the heroism of Turkish soldiers.


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