More than 100,000 Azercell subscribers received a 5GB monthly internet package as a gift

SIM cards supporting 4G are provided free of charge

Azercell's campaign to win a 5GB monthly internet package continues. As a part of the campaign launched in October last year, the SIM cards of more than 100,000 Azercell subscribers have been changed. Each of them received a new SIM card supporting 4G, as well as a 5Gb monthly internet package.

Challenges of modern times force the use of high technology in any field (banking, transport, security, healthcare, utilities, and other areas). Currently, Azercell's 4G network provides a download speed of up to 240 Mbps and upload speed of up to 95 Mbps. Azercell's 4G technology allows subscribers to use mobile TV, video conferencing, online games more easily, make uninterrupted voice calls via various programs, watch large videos in higher quality, download and transfer these files faster and more.

To take advantage of 4G, it is necessary to have a mobile phone that supports 4G and a USIM SIM card to use the LTE network. To check 4G support on your SIM card, SMS 4G to 2525. If SIM Card fails, you may change the SIMs and get the offer in any sales or service points free of charge and receive a 5 GB internet package as a one-time bonus. Note that the Campaign applies only to subscribers who have an old non-4G (non-LTE) SIM card.


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