Ministry of Economy starts to use frozen budget funds

AZN 17,516,513 of AZN 76,219,809 frozen in the previous years’ budget were used in 2016.

APA-Economics reports that AZN 44,554 was used from AZN 47,970 considered for Azerbaijan’s share in the Additional Financing for the Intergrated Solid Waste Management Project, AZN 2,774,191 from AZN 18,710,200 considered for creation of Sumgayit Chemical Industrial Park, AZN 5,000,000 from AZN 29,049,753 considered for creation of metallurgical industry, AZN 6,155,603 from AZN 6,168,309 considered for construction of Baku municipal solid waste incineration plant, AZN 2,058,826 from AZN 2,270,000 considered for obtaining of biometric passports, AZN 1,483,312 from AZN 1,996,636 considered for creation of Mingachevir Industrial Park.


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