Minister: New realities open big opportunities for Azerbaijani, Turkish entrepreneurs

Azerbaijani-Turkish cooperation has a solid foundation, and the newly signed agreements will very effectively influence the further development of bilateral economic ties between the two fraternal countries, Azerbaijan's Economy Minister Mikayil Jabbarov said on Friday.

According to Jabbarov, agreements have been signed with Turkey that affects almost all areas of the economy.

“There were mainly touched upon issues related to projects in the transport and logistics sector, mining and textile industries,” the minister noted.

As he pointed out, the liberation of the territories, which had been under occupation for a long time, by Azerbaijan has opened up new priorities for cooperation in the region.

“These can be trilateral meetings and forums in the 3 + 3 format,” Jabbarov clarified adding that the new reality in the region opens up great opportunities for entrepreneurs of the two countries and certain work in this direction has already begun.

He also noted that the implementation of the withdrawal of products of the two countries to joint markets was also discussed with Turkey, and from March 1, 2021, Azerbaijan will begin preferential trade with Turkey.

"Initiatives such as the implementation of projects of large enterprises and large projects between the two countries, in particular projects aimed at the exchange of joint technologies, can contribute to the faster implementation of our tasks," the minister concluded.


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