Mexican media calls Azerbaijan’s snap presidential election ‘exemplary’

The influential Mexican English-language newspaper “Pulse News Mexico” has published an article headlined “Azerbaijan: A public lesson in democratic practices” by editor-in-chief Thérèse Margolis, who has visited Azerbaijan to observe the snap presidential election held on February 7.

The author mentioned that on Wednesday, Feb. 7, the Caucasian nation of Azerbaijan held an early presidential election and incumbent President Ilham Aliyev won reelection, the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Mexico told News.Az. 

Noting that the electoral process was carried out openly and transparently, the author said: “Azerbaijanis living abroad were also allowed to vote through 49 polling stations in 47 countries.

There were more than 790 official international observers from 72 countries and international institutions, and 90,372 Azerbaijani observers, including representatives of 83 NGOs and national and international human rights watchdog groups.”

“Under the strategic economic programs set up by Ilham Aliyev, and his predecessor and father Heydar Aliyev, the country has now become a regional economic powerhouse.”

Citing Farid Shafiyev, chairman of the independent think tank Center of Analysis of International Relations, the article noted: “Yes, this election was first of all about jurisdiction. It was about the historical fact that we were going to have elections over the whole territory. And it also symbolically marked the end of the conflict with Armenia.”

“But Shafiyev said that the elections were also intended to reaffirm the political stability of Azerbaijan given the current complex geopolitical situation around the south Caucasus area,” the author underlined.


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