Message from Azerbaijani President to Armenian government: The choice is not the best and the very best for them…

“Another message, which I already conveyed to the Armenian government is that for them the choice is not the best and the very best,” said President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev as he was interviewed by Euronews TV channel, News.Az reports. 

“For them the choice is among very bad and acceptable, but acceptable based on common sense, on international law, and on recognizing the rights of Azerbaijanis to live on their own land, which they deprived us for 30 years. And for Armenians in Karabakh, I'd like to remind them that we started contacts with them spontaneously. Actually, it was mainly people-to-people contacts when we started to build a new Lachin road, which passed through several villages where Armenian population live. I was informed that the contacts had been established between our road construction workers and Armenian community, and immediately they became almost friends,” the head of state emphasized.

“If in the first months of the construction, Russian peacekeepers were providing security for both sides, then they just left. There were no Russian peacekeepers and people easily communicated without them. So, it demonstrates that ordinary people, in their majority, don't have this hatred in their hearts,” President Ilham Aliyev added.


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