MEDIA, Institute for Development and Diplomacy jointly launch training for journalists (PHOTO)

On November 18, the Media Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan (MEDIA) and the Specialization Programs of the Institute for Development and Diplomacy at ADA University launched training sessions on the topic “Ethics, copyright and journalism” for about 40 journalists, News.Az reports.

Speaking at an opening ceremony for the training sessions, Natig Mammadli, Head of the Department for work with media entities and journalists at the Media Development Agency, noted that media ethics should be the basic principle of journalistic professionalism, journalists should show loyalty to its profession, respect copyrights and should not distort the facts presented. He also emphasized the importance of the projects implemented by the MEDIA Development Agency to improve the professionalism of media representatives.

Aygun Hajiyev, Deputy Director of the Institute for Development and Diplomacy, underlined the need for journalists to follow the rules of conduct. She said that such training sessions will contribute to the activities of media representatives in order to perform the duty of providing detailed information to the public.

The speaker at the training sessions held at ADA University is Tulin Daloglu, who worked for many Turkish media entities, was a columnist in The Washington Times for 4 years, and served as a foreign policy commentator for 30 years. Moreover, her many articles were published by New York Times, International Herald Tribune,, Daily Caller, Daily Star, Middle East Times, and SAIS Turkey Analyst Report.

During the training sessions, Tulin Daloglu will make speeches on “What are ethics and copyrights in journalism?”, “Editorial policy and journalistic ethics: formation of professional values”, “New media and ethics: Ethical violations in internet journalism”, “Current state of media – public expectations and the principles of journalism” and other topics.

The two-day training sessions are aimed at once again emphasizing the importance of the basic principles of journalism, the rules of ethics, and the protection of copyrights, as well as the responsibility to inform the public correctly.


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